Monday, March 9, 2015

Truman Party

Today I had my 2nd Truman Reader party for 26 of the qualifying 7th and 8th graders. In order to be a part of this you have to read 4 of the 12 Truman Nominee Books. These are books that have a copyright date of 2 years ago, and are known to be the best books for JH students in the state of Missouri. All the students have to do is read these books and answer a few questions about the books. It is a lot like the Mark Twain books that are offered to the middle school students. 

I had 2 students that read all 12 of the books, and 8 students that read more than 4. Every student that qualified received a bag full of treats, pencils, bookmarks, certificates for free food, a Truman book, and a book of their choice. The students who read more than 4 received an additional prize of a poster of their choice. Finally, the students who read all of them received a $10 gift certificate to Books-A-Million. 

I loved being able to party with these kiddos and recognize them for achieving this. On top of all of that the students get to vote for their favorite and I turn those votes into the state. I love having this program be a part of the library because it is something that focuses on the students and their interests. I am super excited to share this experience with all your upcoming JH students next year! 

Happy Reading!

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