Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Things Adults Tell Children

Listening to the storm blowing in tonight makes for the most relaxing and peaceful sleeping. Well, that was probably the case before we had Brock. Before his bedtime routine started, I kept noticing the lightning. Going back and forth between the lightning I could see in our dining room and looking to see if Brock noticed was making me have a sore neck. We made it to the shower, brushing his teeth, and reading his bedtime stories without him even noticing a thing. The lights go out to snuggle for a few minutes and BOOM! 
He sees it!!!! 

With my husband reassuring me MULTIPLE times (when Brock wasn't around) that it was just a thunderstorm, I can enjoy hearing the rain hit my roof and the flicker of light coming in through the curtains. Brock not so much!!!! He was freaking out (literally) and telling us that he thinks it would be best for him to sleep in our room. After multiple times of trying to reassure him that it was just some rain I remembered a story that was told me when I was a little girl afraid of the thunder and lightning. I was told that it was a sign that God was bowling. 

The thunder represents when God is throwing the bowling ball down the lane, and the lightning tells you that he got a STRIKE! Brock loved the idea of God bowling because he loves to bowl! Grant it that is with bumpers on the side, but that is beside the point right now! :) He went from freaking out to lets see how many strikes God can get. Some may disagree with me telling my son this, but I started to really think about the things that make me nervous and scared. When I am feeling a little anxious it is because I am thinking of all the negative things. Is it not true that once we see the positive our fears, anxious thoughts, and nervousness seem to disappear as well? When we can turn our fears into something positive it doesn't control us anymore. Instead, we become more powerful and willing to go forward. I think that is something that some point in our lives we want to do. There will come a time when you really want to try-out for something, apply for that dream job, but there is that little voice inside of you creating doubt or fear. Maybe that point is right now in your life. 

You have two choices: 
1. You can hide under the covers nervousness waiting for that next strike of lightning OR
2. You can wait with excitement for that next strike of lightning to see if you got the STRIKE! 

The choice is yours! 

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