Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Emotional Momma

Tonight was another first for us as we took Brock to get his first bat for tee-ball. Last year when I was working on this Slice of Life journey, my readers were able to embrace my craziness as "that mom" when he started soccer. I have attached the link below, Man Down, for your reading pleasure. 

After reading that you probably get a better picture of how I am as a mom when it comes to this kind of stuff. I can't help it. He is our only child and that is just how I am. I am sure some of you are feeling extremely sorry for Brock. Until the day he tells me I am embarrassing him, I will not stop. I may not even be able to stop then because I sometimes can't control my excitement! I am all of the following:

1. Cheerer (I don't speak English during this time)
2. Competitive (that side came out in yesterday's blog)
3. Supportive (colored bling)

So here we are getting ready to approach his first year of tee-ball. To top that off, Mr. Hulstine is going to be one of his coaches. As we are standing in the baseball aisle, I am catching myself already picturing his in his little baseball pants ready to hit a GRAND SLAM. Ok, so I am pretty sure that won't  happen in tee-ball because they hit off of a tee. Still it was like all this excitement was building up in me. Here we are, another chapter in our lives, experiencing another first with our son. With soccer, his father and I knew NOTHING about it, but with baseball we have a little experience. I sure hope so since Mr. Hulstine is coaching! :) 

Even though we may not have a schedule yet, or I don't have his team colors to start shopping for my colored bling, we still have something to mark in our books as a first. The thing with firsts is that you only get to experience them once. Even as little as going to Wal-Mart to pick out a bat. I am sure we will be picking out more bats in our future, but not like today. His FIRST bat, his FIRST tee-ball, another FIRST! Took all your firsts and embrace them to see how BIG they really are! 

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  1. What a lovely picture of a first - I love how you reflect on the piling up of firsts to make something big!