Wednesday, March 18, 2015

R & R Day

Today was what I would like to call a R&R kind of day! That is a rainy relaxing day! Even though we are on vacation it was nice to just hang out around the condo and relax. We all stayed in our jammies until while after lunch time. Brock watched movies, Nathan watched Dirty Jobs, and I read an amazing book by Karen Kingsbury! 

Something I have noticed as I have gotten older is that some of the most perfect vacations are those that you aren't doing something all the time. Vacation is suppose to be a time of relaxing and rejuvenating yourself. Today was the perfect day to do that! The place we are staying out is mostly known for all of the outdoor activities you can do. They do have movies you can rent and an indoor swimming pool at one building (which of course today was crazy busy!) 

It was a perfect vacation day for all of us! Do you keep your schedule crazy busy with all the to-dos of life, or do you sometimes let the rain control your day! It is comes down slow and steady with little noise! should be a word in all of our vocabulary!

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