Monday, March 30, 2015

Another Great SOL

I have truly enjoyed being a part of this SOL Challenge again this school year. Even though life happened and I wasn't able to slice everyday, I still loved being able to take part in this. From doing this experience I have been able to really reflect on the day, and see what life lesson surfaced for me. Even as an adult we are still learning! We are learning how to communicate with others, how to handle day to day events, how to better ourselves, and so much more. For me I learned how I interpret the events of the day and how I let them affect me personally. I have also learned that it is almost like a release for me to write about my day. It is such a calming experience to type out the day's events and truly see just how much was accomplished. 

If you could narrow your SOL experience in 3 words what would they be? 
Mine would be...

Thank you again for this opportunity to participate in this with you all! I am excited to see a lot of you in the JH next year! Come see me!

Your Fellow Blogger, 
Mrs. Hulstine

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